Gamification System

Launching with a designed creative and fun interactive game will keep the audience staying longer 


Either social interactive, mobile interactive, kiosk interactive or touch point interactive development are currently applied to many online and offline digital event campaigns, convention exposition event such as Auto Show, CES Show, NAB Show. World Travel Show and many others. Brands usually find it difficult to communicate with attendees during the event by offering them flyers and brochure, hence create, design and develop multiple pages of interactive game, social intelligence dashboard, robotic intelligence, wearable devices and the latest laser pin-point Augmented and Virtual Reality Holo Glasses development which allow institutions to educate audience on their share content through wearable smart devices.

Key Factors

Content creation and technology integration are the key factors on this. Nonetheless, wearable devices will be soon in the trend and becoming mature by 2018.

Return of Investment

One of the profit making for this category might be a hit game, hit campaign or hit intellectual content that will create it’s own fans base. Later, content can be extended and advance to an intellectual property of its’ own ecosystem.

Solution Overview

·         Original Content Creative

·         Story Design + Visual Design

·         Front End Development

·         Database Application

·         Product Strategy

·         Solid distribution workflow design

·         New technology discovery

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