WeChat Enterprise

7-Eleven International Digital Summit with secure members' access data. 



7-Eleven Inc. social interactive team up with WeChat and iDigBrand to create an Enterprise Customization In-App Secure Site between corporate hierarchy and communication between enterprise. Internal management of a 7-Eleven’s operations through WeChat. Upstream and downstream channels that integrate directly via Corporate Information System. The advantage is to save numerous cost on operation and management expenses. Enhance operation and well manage on Sales team, Customer Service team, Supply Chains and Strategic Partners Management.

Key Factors

Grant access user - Once Company has successful registered an Enterprise Account, administrator can grant access to designated company members and grant access to the members for internal communication. HIGHER LEVEL OF SECURITY (The enterprise administrator shall import the member list in the address book. And the members need to be approved to be added to the account. Added manually by the administrator after verifying their name, phone number or WeChat ID). Account owner has to scan a QR code each time he logs in with his/her user name of password. Data is encrypted!

Customization organization charts

User management flexibility - Mechanism to review users.

Categorization - Enterprise can virtually manage users and categorize users by division, etc. Administrator can send out broad broadcast message to all users. It’s powerful in organizing employees, departments, and etc.

Send & Receive Documents

The new system enables feature for employee management and collaboration. It can easily set up sub-groups for business units, sending bulk (UNLIMITED) messages (audio, video, image, and document files), among others.


Solution Overview

·         WeChat Enterprise Application

·         CMS Development

·         In-App Mobile Site Development

·         Front End Development

·         User Interface Design

·         Infographics Design

·         Database Implementation