Toyota Scion

“” responsive mobile site is a campaign designed by Stage 3 Creative. This site is to social interact with show attendees to spend longer duration at the show. Utilize the latest NFC tags to detect any Android devices and bring them to experience the content. Site is implemented with matrix game and with dynamic design

“” mobile site launched in November 2013! This responsive mobile site was developed to use NFC tags technology on any latest Android mobile and tablet devices to experience the site. George P. Johnson and iQi development team have integrated APIs to share data and have created a strong backend application for 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show. This mobile ran throughout the season of October’13 to June’14.

GPJ and Spinifex Group in Sydney, developed an idea of an Instagram vending machine! The idea was simple and creative. If you have Instagram, take a pic, tag it, get some swag! On the other hand, Stage 3 Agency creative team and our programmers used the Near Field Communications Technology(#NFC Tag) that allowed all Android mobile phone user to tap it, fill in a form, submit it, and get some swag!

It looked so easy and simple from the front but it has tons of moving parts in the background. Our front end developers and backend programmers developed the social platform coding and filtering, writing collection arrays and storage of usernames (include bad words filtering) as only 1 piece of swag could be collected per person to GPJ backend developers.

Both GPJ and iQi development team also created a bring-to-experience method of retrieving the content that users might needed. GPJ created a proxy app to be able to talk to the vending machine and also get back information if something had failed or the machine was empty and needed refilling. As Stage 3 put iQi development team to create a mobile experience responsive site which allowing user to tap different car models NFC sticker to mobile landing page to check for car prices. User can also click to play a scratcher game called “Play 2 Win.”

This “Play 2 Win” game allowed our software developers to implement Matrix Algorithms into the site that consisted lots of user interface and user experience functions on the front end. It also gave a glance on different hidden game plans of how to use Android devices to interconnect with users. The GUI is 90% dynamic design as it was not based on media queue for it’s design frameworks. This site is steadily used on iOS and Android phones.

As a result, mobile site, NFC tags and Instagram have proved that the vending machine were capable to interact with users, and it was popular and cool. Why? Because it’s able to do a search using the designated hashtags of a show and see all the images and tap the NFC tags to get the price. We have conducted a Google Analysis study for the 10 days LA show, nearly 3000 images were tagged and more than 2,800 active users stayed on the site.

Check out the vending machine video link from Spinifex Group: Share