Refers to the specific elements and features of a web application, these imply the functional and visual aspects. The simple, good looking, user friendly UI design of a web service or application can make the difference between a smart, pleasurable experience and fulfill the needs of frustrates users. QiUI team work with you to determine functional requirements, user analysis, information architecture and task flow, usability, and ultimately, create a UI that appeals to your audience, provides a worthwhile experience, and meets your business goals.

With the recent surge in demand for mobile phones sporting a web browser, and many providers offering affordable “unlimited data” packages, most major websites across the globe now feature a rescaled version, designed specifically for mobile phones. To have users to view the content at a readable size, we can design the site from the ground-up to be compatible with all mobile platforms, or we can build a mini-site which features a cut-down, simplified version of the site, with content optimized specifically for mobile phone users.

In order to convert web traffic, we design, integrate, track and host applications for all the leading social networks including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, any of which can be used to raise brand visibility, build customer engagement and drive traffic to your website. A great website design that’s optimized to convert traffic will maximize the conversion ratio of the site. We can create sites to know how many internet users, site to contact you, or site to sign up to your email newsletter.