Web Development

Website Design. Website Developing When it comes to design and build for the web we provide a full service. Either out of the box design website or traditional website, we stretch unusual approach to create 2 ways web design. Our designers use the colors, textures and graphics used through our client’s needs on the site. What are we focus on initially?

Designed for Google and Baidu

Google is used for approximately 90% of United States internet searches. As in the Greater China, majority used search engine is Baidu.com. Our HTML and CSS code is flawless and plus the knowledge of CMS platforms is extensive. We’ll gather all information on your products; services and target market, then research what people are typing into Google to find your products and services.

Optimizing your website design

Homepage is like an index. We design your site’s structure around the index. Often time it is a summary of an interesting article, with inner pages dedicated to each subject. The articles, as if like a single flow path water cannon, will have a headline, a summary and body text, which are translated as various SEO attributes. By designing your website SEO attributes, we help make sure that your site has the best possible chance of being found. Check out some examples of where we’ve successfully done this, in our SEO portfolio.

Web design for visual appeal

A creative web design will ensure that the new website is a nice place to visit, and recommend to others. Our web designers and partner design agencies create your website design, depending on your niche. Our digital production and testing of site skins to enhance homepage takeovers. We provide these agencies with our services and support infrastructure; in turn they provide us with designs. With this appeal, our clients will generally get a website that not only looks the part, but performs well.

Website content management

Across major open-source content management systems like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and Expression Engine. Website content can deliver incomparable performance and flexibility; it enables us and offers our clients, and their clients to edit the content on their websites quickly and easily, without waiting for their designer to do it for them, and experiencing costs whenever they do.

Digital advertising agency and emerging new media company use our CMS platform as it enables them to focus on web design, and to focus on supporting their clients with website hosting, email services, using the CMS, SEO questions, email marketing, domain registrations and renewals.