Hotel Booking System

Caesars Entertainment Corp. launched its first WeChat OA Hotel Booking System with an integration of WeChat Pay. 

CEC WeChat Hotel Booking Management System

Caesars Entertainment Corporation is targeting outbound Chinese tourists and domestic Chinese Americans who mainly engage their daily workspace via WeChat social platform which globally with nearly 800 million average daily log in users. By leveraging the Caesars social marketing strategy is to build in-app social site and provide 10 hotel properties hotel booking system, in return, it creates a fairly large amount of analytical users’ data and content performances.

Key Factors

CEC are now creatively reinventing loyalty programs and turning them from cost centers into tools for driving customer engagement, and building brand equity. Will be converting at the core of leading loyalty programs, especially through mobile solution: One of the prime factors separating winning and losing brands going forward will be loyalty programs that use digital as a bridge to learn about followers and provide them with satisfying consumer experiences


Solution Overview

·         HBMS Architecture Strategy

·         Customer Information Strategy

·         Technology Strategy & Planning

·         Systems Integration

·         Application Development

·         Customer Analytics

·         Content Measurement

·         IBM Customer Engagement Solutions

·         Mobile Solution Content Consulting

·         Customer Support Services

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