Coupon System

"Wantblogger leveraged WeChat platform to generate digital coupon and metrix QR Code to vendors and fans. 


Wantblogger social interactive team is taking a frontier’s path to create a mobile in-app site via WeChat service account. With a unique social marketing strategy of Wantblogger, a series of metrics digital coupons system is fully integrated with a content management system. These indicators of success based on the typical conversion funnel to measure the effectiveness of an action that uses analytical QR-Codes system.

Key Factors

QR Code “RIGHT” doing  – Lots of naysaying about QR code in current market, why? The true is User Error. Many times QR Code haters mainly focused more on what marketers or promoters who are doing wrong than what they are doing right.

Wantblogger social marketing team understanding of QR code efficacy will evolve effectively for certain types of theirs' clients and products. Ultimately, Wantblogger QR code usage stats are varied by its consumer demographics. Their real successful measurement of QR code model isn’t tied in overall use, but TARGETED use.

QR Code Scan Behavior is on the riseFrom a study, 34% of smart phone users in US have used QR Code scanner to scan coupons in stores consumers products, paper magazines, or extract digitally through mobile app, via chat room , iMessage, and sticker. 

Categorization - Wantblogger administrator can virtually manage vendors content and categorize vendors by products. The coupon system easily generates QR Codes that is common use to mobile users who fond on accessing coupons, downloading mobile apps, and accessing product information.

Return of Investment

Coupon system enables features for Wantblogger to manage, collaborate and remain a cost-effective way to reach a high percentage of the mobile population in nationwide Chinese American market.

Solution Overview

·         WeChat Service Account Application

·         In-App Mobile Site Development

·         Front End Development

·         Coupon Generating System

·         CMS Development

·         Strategy on Code Marketing